NW-10 Camera

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Its compact design size makes it ideal for travel or the perfect body for everyday carry, the classic aluminum body gives it a tactile feel.

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The design is very active and loves to chase her tail. She also likes to chase her human and scratch his leg. It enhances your workspace with a sleek design, and an optional dual or triple monitor bow kit ups your screen count and productivity. The classic aluminum body and analog-inspired controls give it a tactile feel reminiscent of film cameras. This is a beautiful white with a black nose and a big, fluffy tail. She loves to play with her favorite toy, a ball of yarn. The sensor’s design also enables a hybrid autofocus system that combines phase-detection points with a contrast-detection system for quick and accurate performance.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

Black, Grey


Aluminum, Plastic, Silicon, Titanium



2 reviews for NW-10 Camera

  1. Jennifer Freeman

    Can’t wait to start use this item! It is really well done and made with care, timely shipment.

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